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Monster Moves
Season 3
Imagine the challenge of trying to move an entire house - fixtures, fixings, brick walls, chimney, windows and roof - intact through a major city, over a mountain range or across a frozen lake. While this may sound impossible to some - it’s just another day on the job for the teams of building movers in Monster Moves. Each episode follows teams of movers as they race against time to move monstrous structures to new and challenging locations.
Ep 1
Risky Rescues
Watch December 13, 7:00pm
Ep 2
Giant Wood Haul
Watch December 20, 7:00pm
Ep 3
Hauling History
Watch December 27, 7:00pm
Ep 4
100 Ton Train
Watch January 3, 7:00pm
Ep 5
Dream Homes
Watch January 10, 7:00pm
Ep 6
Moving Ancient Egypt
Watch January 17, 7:00pm
Risky Rescues
Follow two teams of building movers as they attempt remarkable rescue missions - hauling a 400-tonne lighthouse away from a crumbling cliff and relocating a mining town from falling into a mineshaft before the Arctic winter weather strikes.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Dec 13, 7:00pm
Wed Dec 13, 11:00pm
Thu Dec 14, 6:00pm
Sun Dec 17, 2:00pm
Giant Wood Haul
Heavy hauler Harold Minty attempts to relocate a titanic tavern in Manitoba, 50 km over a mountain encrusted in snow and ice.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Dec 20, 7:00pm
Wed Dec 20, 11:00pm
Thu Dec 21, 6:00pm
Sun Dec 24, 2:00pm
Hauling History
A team of vintage aircraft enthusiasts attempt to move a precious Lockeed Lodestar aircraft 60 km across Vancouver's bustling city roads.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Dec 27, 7:00pm
Wed Dec 27, 11:00pm
Thu Dec 28, 6:00pm
Sun Dec 31, 2:00pm
100 Ton Train
A team of British engineers face an epic 11,000 km journey by road, rail and sea to transport a vintage 100-tonne steam locomotive from Bloemfontein in the heart of South Africa to Glasgow, Scotland.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Jan 3, 7:00pm
Thu Jan 4, 6:00pm
Thu Jan 4, 11:00pm
Sat Jan 6, 2:00pm
Dream Homes
In Seattle, newlyweds Tawny and Ian Wilson attempt to move a historic house into the city.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Jan 10, 7:00pm
Thu Jan 11, 6:00pm
Thu Jan 11, 11:00pm
Sat Jan 13, 2:00pm
Moving Ancient Egypt
Reveals how 20 ancient Egyptian temples were relocated from the rising waters of the River Nile in the 1960s.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Jan 17, 7:00pm
Thu Jan 18, 6:00pm
Thu Jan 18, 11:00pm
Sat Jan 20, 2:00pm