Mozart in Prague: Rolando Villazon on Don Giovanni |
Mozart in Prague: Rolando Villazon on Don Giovanni
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On October 29, 1787, Don Giovanni premiered in Prague, delighting audiences with its tale of the narcissistic womanizer. But what inspired Mozart and librettist Lorenzo da Ponte to create this enduringly popular masterpiece? Acclaimed tenor Rolando Villazón goes in search of answers while recreating the opera's final act in the same candle-lit theatre where it had its debut.

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Long live Don Giovanni

What is it about the story of a narcissistic libertine that’s consistently captivated audiences for more than 200 years? Since its debut more than two centuries ago, the story of Don Giovanni, one of Mozart’s most famous works, has yet to fade. We spoke with local Music Director Leslie Dala on Don Giovanni's staying power.

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