The Mystery of Agatha Christie |

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The Mystery of Agatha Christie
Watch Until May 17, 12:00am
Duration: 56min
Join David Suchet as he embarks on a journey to discover what made Agatha Christie's work so enduringly popular. Travelling all over Britain and beyond, Suchet visits the places Agatha lived, the people that knew her intimately, the landscapes that inspired her and the biographers who have written about her. Suchet learns that it is not just Agatha's novels that are shrouded in mystery and intrigue. He investigates the adultery of her husband and her bizarre disappearance in 1926 when she faked her own death. Ultimately, he discovers the close links between Agatha's extraordinary life and her work.



The final curtain falls on Poirot this season. What will you miss most about Agatha Christie's creation?

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