Napoleon |
Ep: 1 "Napoleon"
With access to the legendary leader's never-before seen letters, historian Andrew Roberts sheds new light on Napoleon as an extraordinarily gifted military commander and the betrayals and disappointments that filled his private life.
Ep 1
Watch Until November 21, 5:00pm
Ep 2
Watch October 23, 8:00pm
Ep 3
Watch October 30, 8:00pm
From lowly Corsican Army officer to First Consul of France, follow the rise of Napoleon to leader of the French nation in the late 1790s. (1 of 3)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Sun Oct 22, 5:00pm
Napoleon's conquest continues with the Battle of Austerlitz, one of the greatest military encounters of the nineteenth century and leading to the rise of a Napoleonic Empire. (2 of 3)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Mon Oct 23, 8:00pm
Sun Oct 29, 5:00pm
From betrayal to a futile invasion of Russia to exile, this final edition charts the fall of Napoleon, a key defining moment in global history. (3 of 3)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Mon Oct 30, 8:00pm
Sun Nov 5, 5:00pm
Sun Nov 5, 5:05pm

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