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Nomads of the Serengeti
Ep: 1 "Journey to the Short Grass Plains"
In this stunning five-part series, join veteran Safari Guide Jean Du Plessis on an exhilarating trip through the Serengeti as he follows the wildebeest on their annual 800km-odyssey across some of Africa’s most incredible locales.
Ep 1
Journey to the Short Grass Plains
Watch Until May 8, 1:00pm
Ep 2
Return to the Mara
Watch Until May 15, 1:00pm
Ep 3
Watch Until May 22, 1:00pm
Ep 4
Watch April 24, 7:00pm
Ep 5
Cradle of Mankind
Watch May 1, 7:00pm
Journey to the Short Grass Plains
The Serengeti plains echo to the sound of two million wildebeest. Over the course of the year the giant herd migrates from the North to the South and back again in an endless circle. Beginning in the North, wildlife expert Jean Du Plessis watches as they navigate the most treacherous part of the migration - the crossing of the Mara River. (1 of 5)
Return to the Mara
Jean Du Plessis is in the south of the Serengeti plains to witness the largest mass birth on the planet. Every year on the short grass plains the wildebeest migration stops for weeks while the females give birth. Then the entire herd begins to move again, heading back north towards the Mara River where crocodiles lie in wait for their annual feast. (2 of 5)
Jean Du Plessis explores the caldera on the edge of the Serengeti, a wildlife haven some have taken to calling a modern-day Eden due to the density and diversity of its wildlife. (3 of 5)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Sun Apr 22, 1:00pm
With five separate climate zones, the most of any single place on the planet, the Seregenti’s Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding peak in Africa. Having guided numerous tours there over the years, Jean Du Plessis now attempts his first climb to the peak. (4 of 5)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Apr 24, 7:00pm
Wed Apr 25, 6:00pm
Wed Apr 25, 11:00pm
Sun Apr 29, 1:00pm
Cradle of Mankind
Wildlife expert Jean Du Plessis travels to Mahale Mountains National Park in the hopes of spending time with the wild chimpanzees. Then he's back to the Serengeti plains to look at the human history of the plains, from the 2-million-year-old footprints to the Massai. (5 of 5)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue May 1, 7:00pm
Wed May 2, 6:00pm
Wed May 2, 11:00pm
Sun May 6, 1:00pm