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Pipers of the Trenches
Pipers of the Trenches looks at the role of pipers who served in the Great War. Unarmed, they climbed out of the trenches to face machine guns and shells. Risking horrific injury and their own lives, they played on and rallied the troops. In the film, their descendants visit the battlefields to discover individual stories of unparalleled bravery.

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Playing a Piece of Wartime History

How many musicians can say their instrument was played in the trenches during World War I? Pipe major Garth Newlands can. The Surrey resident plays a set of bagpipes that once belonged to his grandfather, Alexander Newlands, a piper in the 48th Highlanders of Canada. In the BBC documentary Pipers of the Trenches, Garth got the opportunity to stand where his grandfather would have stood in the trenches at Vimy Ridge.

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