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Planet Oil
STREAMING BEGINS OCTOBER 31. Professor Iain Stewart visits the places that gave birth to the earth's oil riches, discovers the people who fought over its control and supply, and explores how our insatiable thirst for oil is changing the very planet on which we depend.
Ep 1
How Oil Made Us
Watch October 31, 8:00pm
Ep 2
The Carbon Wars
Watch November 7, 8:00pm
Ep 3
Climate Wars
Watch November 14, 8:00pm
How Oil Made Us
Professor Iain Stewart explores how mankind become so addicted to oil in little more than one human lifetime.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Oct 31, 8:00pm
The Carbon Wars
When the oil-producing countries demanded a greater share in profits from the western energy companies, the oil and gas fields of the Middle East become a focus for coup d'etats and military conflict.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Nov 7, 8:00pm
Climate Wars
Despite fears of 'peak oil', Professor Iain Stewart discovers that while huge technological advances are helping extend the life of existing oilfields, new unconventional oil and gas supplies like shale gas and tar sands are extending the hydrocarbon age well into the 21st century.
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Tue Nov 14, 8:00pm

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