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Queen Victoria's Letters: A Monarch Unveiled
Queen Victoria is too often misunderstood as the solid black-clad matron, stern and forbidding, yet her diaries and letters reveal a woman quite different from the one we think we know. A.N. Wilson, author of the definitive biography Victoria: A Life, uncovers the real Queen Victoria in this astonishing and touching portrait. From a fatherless girl longing for emotional and physical closeness to a passionate wife tormented by consecutive childbirths, and then a widow who, despite her grief, revelled in newfound freedom, Queen Victoria’s private writings provide insight into her extraordinary life and reign.


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Biographer A.N. Wilson reveals a woman who was passionately romantic and who spent her years as a child and young queen fighting the control of domineering men. (1 of 2)
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Wed May 23, 9:00pm
Thu May 24, 1:00am
A.N. Wilson discovers the real story behind the woman who supposedly spent the last half of her life in hiding, mourning the loss of her beloved Prince Albert. (2 of 2)
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Wed May 23, 10:00pm
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A Glimpse at Life Beyond the Throne

It is estimated that throughout her life, Queen Victoria wrote an average of 2,500 words per day, having begun regular diary entries at the age of 13 and continuing until her death at 81. Now, with these entries recently being made public, we are afforded a behind-the-scenes look at one of the world’s most famous monarchs.

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