Quest for Bannockburn |
Quest for Bannockburn
Seven hundred years ago, Robert the Bruce's overwhelming victory over the English at the Battle of Bannockburn helped seal Scotland's future as an independent kingdom. How did the great Scottish warrior secure a victory against an army much stronger than his? And where exactly did this iconic battle take place? With the help of leading battlefield archaeologists, stuntmen, 21st century technology and a good old-fashioned spade, Neil Oliver and fellow archeologist Tony Pollard search for answers.
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Day One
Watch January 30, 4:00am
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Day Two
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Day One
700 years after one of the most significant conflicts in British history, archaeologists Neil Oliver and Tony Pollard go in search of both the real and imagined Battle of Bannockburn. (1 of 2)
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Tue Jan 30, 4:00am
Day Two
Neil Oliver and Tony Pollard continue their quest to uncover one of Britain's most famous battlegrounds. They use the archaeological finds to shed new light on just how Robert the Bruce achieved his incredible victory at Bannockburn. (2 of 2)