Search and Rescue: North Shore |

Search and Rescue: North Shore

Search and Rescue: North Shore

A five-part Knowledge Original series that follows the heroic members of Canada's busiest volunteer search and rescue team as they set off by foot and helicopter to rescue people from the rugged wilderness of North Vancouver.

A helicopter team investigates a mysterious item dangling from a tree in the wilderness.

Kayla talks about her experience being a woman on the team, and how more and more women are starting to join North...

Volunteers are given driver training to keep their skills sharp while driving in a variety of tricky weather...

Hypothermia is a danger even in the summer on the North Shore mountains. Dr. Alec explains how the rescue team...

Volunteers for North Shore Rescue are ready to leave at a moment’s notice any day or time of the year.

Volunteers attend annual Remembrance Day ceremonies and take care of any medical events to allow armed services and...

Thu Jun 30, 10:00pm
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Fri Jul 1, 1:00am
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