Sex & Sensibility: The Allure of Art Nouveau |

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Sex & Sensibility: The Allure of Art Nouveau
Ep: 2 "British Cities"
A stunning exploration of an exceptional era in art and architecture, this three-part series travels across Europe to tell how, in the 1890s, Art Nouveau was born. It was an explosion of new ways of depicting the world that swept rapidly from country to country, influencing every branch of the arts. From Alphonse Mucha's sensual posters of actress Sarah Bernhardt, to the dynamic designs of "The Glasgow Four" and the eye-watering work of Gustav Klimt, the series documents a hugely influential movement that rose rapidly to prominence, then by 1914 was gone, ultimately killed off by the First World War.


Ep 1
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Ep 2
British Cities
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Ep 3
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Cultural correspondent Stephen Smith delves into the city's Bohemian past to learn how some of the 19th century's most glamorous and controversial figures inspired this extraordinary movement. (1 of 3)
British Cities
Stephen Smith uncovers the controversial and brief career of Aubrey Beardsley. (2 of 3)
In a story that combines scandal and revolution, Stephen Smith explores how Vienna's artists rebelled against the establishment in the late 19th century and brought their own version of Art Nouveau to the city. (3 of 3)