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A Very British Murder
Ep: 1 "The New Taste for Blood"
On stage and TV, in novels and films, the public have come to enjoy a good murder. This curious relationship with killing has a long, dark and revealing history, explored by historian Lucy Worsley in this three-part series. Lucy traces the origins of our fascination back to the sprawling London of the early nineteenth century, when newspapers first began to delight in reporting murder to a frightened public. An appetite for sensation developed as Britain became more literate and working class people were able to read. Throughout the series, Lucy visits the locations of notorious crimes, talks to experts in the field and consults a variety of archival sources and police reports.
Ep 1
The New Taste for Blood
Watch Until March 15, 4:00am
Ep 2
Detection Most Ingenious
Watch Until March 22, 4:00am
Ep 3
The Golden Age
Watch February 27, 4:00am
The New Taste for Blood
Lucy Worsley investigates the history of our curious relationship with killing. In this episode, she explores real-life crimes from the first half of the 19th century, finding out how these murders were transformed into popular entertainment. (1 of 3)
Detection Most Ingenious
Lucy Worsley explores how real-life crime, science and the emerging art of detection affected society's perspective on homicide in the Victorian Age. (2 of 3)
The Golden Age
Lucy Worsley explores the Edwardian era and the golden age of detective fiction between the wars - the time of Dr. Crippen, Agatha Christie and the films of Alfred Hitchcock. (3 of 3)
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Tue Feb 27, 4:00am