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Wild Thailand
Thailand is more than just beautiful beaches and jungles, it's also home to some of the most amazing wildlife and natural wonders on the planet. Discover a land that is worlds away from the familiar tourist trails as Wild Thailand takes you beyond the beaches and jungles to where some of the world's most unique wildlife reside.

East is East

Ep 1
The Tropical South
Watch March 28, 8:00pm
Ep 2
The Central Heartland
Watch April 4, 8:00pm
Ep 3
The Mysterious North
Watch April 11, 8:00pm
The Tropical South
Southern Thailand is the Thailand we think we all know. It's a place of both spectacular natural beauty and of wild parties, but behind the reputation is also a place of unexpected surprise, where spirituality pervades every bit of life. For the animals that live here, this is natural wonderland. (1 of 3)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Mar 28, 8:00pm
Thu Mar 29, 12:00am
The Central Heartland
In Central Thailand's forests, fertile plains and even city streets, nature finds a way of living alongside people. This bustling region is known as the nation's rice bowl, but even here there are magical places to be found. From giant bats to giant snakes, feisty fighting fish to wondrous and mysterious whales, Central Thailand is unique, spiritual and still untamed. (2 of 3)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Apr 4, 8:00pm
Thu Apr 5, 12:00am
The Mysterious North
Heading up to Thailand's North, the jungles of Phu Khieo are home to some unusual primates such as the leaf monkey, monkeys that live up to their name by living off the leaves of around a hundred different types of plant. (3 of 3)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Apr 11, 8:00pm
Thu Apr 12, 12:00am