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Marjorie and Ingrid Lae

Marjorie and Ingrid Lae

"It’s something I feel passionate about. Knowledge is so unique and it’s so BC. I really want to support something that I believe in, to make sure it’s always going to be there."

It’s become something of a tradition on their Sunday visits: Marjorie and her daughter, Ingrid, talk about what they watched on Knowledge the night before. Although Foyle’s War, a recent favourite, has ended, they’ll soon have something else to chat about over coffee: the upcoming new season of Midsomer Murders. They’re looking forward to finding out what sort of bizarre murder mysteries the show has in store, and watching the antics of Barnaby’s adorable dog, Sykes.

The list of programs that Marjorie and Ingrid have enjoyed together is a long one – after all, they’ve both been Knowledge Partners for more than twenty years. Heartbeat, Poirot and Turn Back Time are just a few that top the list. They also enjoy watching documentaries, including Emergency Room: Life and Death at VGH. Marjorie was a nurse before she retired, so seeing the health care system in action is something she can relate to, although her job wasn’t quite so hectic. Ingrid was impressed by how the crew managed to be unobtrusive, allowing the doctors and nurses to do their jobs. “Imagine trying to save someone’s life with a camera over your shoulder,” she remarks.

The mother and daughter, who both live in Burnaby, share a love of good mystery novels, crossword puzzles and gardening. Each season they plan what to plant in the pots on Marjorie’s sunny south-facing balcony. Ingrid likes to hear her mother’s stories about serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II, and the people she met while she was stationed in locations across Canada. Marjorie’s experiences have fuelled Ingrid’s interest in WWII history and programs like Wartime Farm and Warriors of the Night.

Ingrid has worked part-time for the Vancouver International Film Festival since its inception, which accounts for her love of documentaries, especially those from other places and cultures. She also appreciates programs about the natural world – a connection to her full-time job at Science World, where she manages the two theatres at the popular attraction.

Marjorie and Ingrid believe in the value of community involvement, donating to charities and volunteering their time whenever possible. Ingrid credits her parents with setting a good example. “I don’t remember ever consciously discussing it with them, but both my mom and dad were always very good about supporting various charities. It’s something I started doing as soon as I was working. I was always making sure that I gave whatever I could to the causes I believed in.”

Marjorie and Ingrid can’t recall which of them first donated to Knowledge, but they do know why they give. “I support it because I like it,” says Marjorie, who belongs to the Knowledge Leadership Circle. Ingrid agrees with her mother, explaining even further: “It’s something I feel passionate about. Knowledge is so unique and it’s so BC. I really want to support something that I believe in, to make sure it’s always going to be there.”

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