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Donor stories

Meet Our Partners

Curious minds, generous hearts

Everyone has their own reason for becoming a Knowledge Partner. Take a moment to meet a few of our Partners and hear what Knowledge means to them.

Mike Mangan

"It’s wonderful to find a channel that’s just focused on providing accurate, helpful information. It’s a bit of a..."
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Dennis Olsen

"We were put here to progress, to learn, to experience things. And that’s really, really important – that we keep on..."
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Melissa Pynn

"It’s hard for me to think of any other network or channel out there where you have everything from educational..."
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Yoshi Hashimoto

"Knowledge provides opportunities to experience things that you would not have experienced otherwise – things that open..."
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David Smith

"I enjoy the sense of giving back to somebody who’s created something for me."
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Geneviève Lemarchand

"Where else can you get such an education, for such little money? You have to pay for your milk and butter. Why not give..."
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Knitted Knockers

"I guess the really important message is get involved, the social connection, the camaraderie, the feeling that you’re..."
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Stephen Forgacs

"Public broadcasters like Knowledge are more willing to take on a broad matter of content, so we’re not just being..."
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