Jocelyn Eisert

Appointed for a term ending July 31, 2025.

Jocelyn Eisert, CEO of Bizzybody Enterprises provides education preparedness, employment readiness, entrepreneurial coaching and event management services since February 2008 for corporate and community gatherings. She is the youngest of 16 children, orphaned at 17 – never a quitter and has the heart of a true entrepreneur.

Based in Fort St. John, BC, Jocelyn has worked with presenters and speakers such as Theo Fleury, Adam Bach and Trevor Lindon to name a few and has made impacts in dozens of community to hundreds of individuals. For Jocelyn it is not who SHE meets, it is who SHE brings to the event and IMPACTS THAT ARE MADE IN COMMUNITIES.

Mrs. Eisert graduated from high school with honors in 1991 and completed her nursing assistant at Red River Community College. Realizing quickly that the medical field was not for her, she graduated from Herzing Career College in 1995 with a certificate in Business Administration. Since then, Jocelyn has completed Project Management Level 1 and 2 at College of New Caledonia in Prince George in 2011, Adult Educator through Canadian College of Educators in 2021 and numerous workshops and seminars across the Country over the past three decades.

Dedicated to the work she does, Jocelyn has designed a variety of programs and workshops to support learning and opportunities for growth and professional development. She has come to love facilitation and seeing each individual full of energy with their light bulbs bright, truly makes Jocelyn’s heart sing. When she grows up – she wants to be a comedian – making people smile and healing our nation through laughter is only one dream away