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Angry Planet

George Kourounis is on special assignment. As the planet heats up, natural disasters are more frequent and severe. He experiences them and reports back from the front lines of climate change....

Beachcomber Cottage

Who doesn't dream of getting away from it all? Carving out a simpler life in a remote idyll has been the fantasy of many a city dweller - but is it possible? Monty Halls thinks it is.

Canada Over the Edge

Explore the features that define Canada: the most expansive coastline in the world and the world’s longest undefended border. Take to the skies for a breathtaking, rarely-seen view of our country...


The award-winning series Coast presented by Neil Oliver and a team of experts celebrates the character of the British Isles, exploring secrets and stories about the people, wildlife and its shores...

Coast Australia

In this exploration of Australia’s spectacular coastline, host Neil Oliver is joined by a team of local experts who will dig deep into its archaeology, geography and marine life.

Unforgettable destinations await as Globe Trekker takes you off the beaten track and away from the tourist trails to meet the locals and discover unique cultures from all around the world.
Indian Hill Railways

From the Himalayas in the north, to the Nilgiri Mountains in the south - for over a hundred years, steam trains have climbed through the clouds and into the world of Indian Hill Railways.

Islands of Britain

Martin Clunes embarks on an epic journey in search of an island paradise. In this three-part series, he'll visit some of the 1,000 or so islands that surround Britain.