On the Hebrides' outlying islands, seabirds rush to feed their chicks while avoiding the murderous intentions of "bonxies". On the low-lying Uists, acres of beautiful meadows burst into flowers.

Considered "The Capital of Gridlock", Bangkok's traffic is among the worst in the world, and the unstable political scene hasn't done much to help.

Home to 38 million people, Tokyo is a fascinating tale of urban development. Mikael uncovers the ways citizens are making parts of this megacity their home.

Beyond the cliches of the Eiffel Tower there is another Paris, one of solidarity, wittiness and redefined public space.

Urban designer Mikael Colville-Anderson explores the former home of Pablo Escobar, long considered to be the murder capital of the world.

Tracing the story of the most famous trade route in history, Dr. Sam Willis reveals how an emperor's desire for silk spawned a network of trading paths that would span thousands of miles.

Scotland's Hebrides are Europe's final frontier against the wild and unpredictable Atlantic Ocean. Autumn arrives with a vengeance, with swallows, otters and seals facing the biggest storms of the year.